Mods Page Updated

I’ve introduced a few new mods, and so have updated the mods page accordingly. 

The new mods are:

  • Auth Me – which re-authenticates you so you never get that “invalid session” error again.
  • Bobby – store chunks locally and use them for a longer view distance
  • BetterF3 – coloured and configurable F3 screen
  • Cull Leaves – speeds up drawing leaf blocks
  • Entity Culling – don’t draw entities you can’t see
  • Health Overlay – keep the hearts to one row
  • Item Model Fix – remove some gaps in item models
  • Lazy DFU – delay the Data Fixer Upper until it needs to run
  • No Gizmo – keep the crosshair in F3
  • Seamless Loading Screen – save a screenshot when you exit a world and display it when you re-enter
  • Smooth Boot – speed up starting Minecraft
  • Stendhal – improved book/chat/sign interface
  • Varied Mob Textures – like Optifine’s Random Textures, but for Fabric
  • Why Am I On Fire? – remove the fire effect when it’s not doing anything

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